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Cinema Sound Unlimited has worked with a number of satisfied customers over our years in business. Here’s what just a few of them had to say about their experience with us.

"Our formal premiere of the new audio-visual system was this evening. In a word, it was fabulous!

Both audio and video were superb. Compared with several other community's AV systems, this is far and away the best. Every component was adjusted perfectly, from the new subwoofers to the relocated rear speakers. And the effects were relatively even, with the "sweet spot" (where the sound is best) pretty much filling the room.

The video was clear and bright, enjoyable throughout, of course having a bit more impact in the front half of the room. The electronics successfully compensated for the remaining echoes and dips. Even at high power levels, a very smooth sound and "presence" was achieved. This doesn't happen by itself even with good equipment; it took CSU's audio pro many hours/days of testing and calibrating.

This result comes from lots of people doing everything right:
1. The board endorsing the project and helping it succeed
2. Bill and Jim handling the contracting effectively and constructively
3. our vendor (CSU) having the knowledge and the array of highly skilled specialists needed for this job
4. our vendor (CSU) having the professionalism and, yes, pride in their work to put in the extra resources to do every part of the job well
5. having an on-site supervisor (Fred) very familiar with the technical aspects and quickly establishing positive working relationships with CSU's team
6. having a manager (Kirsten) to coordinate all the arrangements and staff to keep things moving forward
7. having some residents (MMC) to do the technical research and to jump in wherever else needed
All of the above should smile. I am."
Matt -- Valencia Pointe Club House in Boynton Beach, FL

...reset various functions that made the sound EXCELLENT.  That made my day…

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciated the visit and knowledge… My complaint on my 85" Samsung TV, with Bose sound bar was I had difficulty listening to people speak on the tv. Their voice was not clear to me---even  with my hearing aids in. A while back, one of you men, decreased the base on the sub woofer, and that worked a little.  Fred, went into the Samsung wand and Bose wand and reset various functions that made the sound EXCELLENT.  That made my day…
Tom H.

Did a good job of listening to what I wanted and was very consistent in their follow up to address any post installation issues...

Wired, installed and programmed Control4 and Sonos system for 7-zones and 4 televisions. Did a good job of listening to what I wanted and was very consistent in their follow up to address any post installation issues - even when those issues were not of their responsibility (e.g. internet provider caused)...
Curtis M.


Our staff is experienced in the industry and passionate about what we do. Read the bios below to learn more about each staff member and what they do for Cinema Sound Unlimited and our customers.


Cinema Sound Unlimited has been locally owned and operated since 1988. We are a premier provider of home entertainment, theater, and automation products in South Florida. No matter how big or small your project is, we work with efficiency and meticulous attention to detail. We have a showroom where you can experience all of our products first hand to help you find the best system for your home or business. When you uncover your likes and dislikes, we can customize the design process for your home and your requirements. Contact us or stop in today to experience our hands-on technology.

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