3 Benefits of Using a Universal Remote in Boynton Beach

Tired of using multiple remotes to control different devices? 

It’s time to get a universal remote in Boynton Beach. Your TV experience is meant to be treasured, as it’s often reserved for the end of a long day. 

How often have you relaxed on the couch, browsing channels or streaming platforms for a good show or movie to watch? We all do it. 

But how frustrating is it when you have multiple remotes, and can’t find the one you need? 

Perhaps you have the remote for the TV, but not the volume. 

Or maybe one night, you want to watch Hulu instead of Netflix, but can’t find the remote that streams Hulu. 

Even if you’re an organized person and can always access your controllers with ease, it’s still a hassle having to switch back and forth. 

So, if you haven’t made the switch yet, here are three reasons to do it now.

What it Does

Before we jump into the benefits, we’ll quickly explain what a universal remote does – not how it works, as it works in different ways, each very technical. 

Essentially, it allows you to control all the devices that are hooked up to your TV. Right now, you probably use half a dozen controls for one specific device. 

If you have Apple TV, that’s one. 

If you have cable, that’s another. Soundbars or other audio devices are controlled with their own remote, as does the popular streaming player, Roku.

The universal remote in Boynton Beach consolidates all these devices into one convenient package. 

You’ll never have to use the original again, except for gaming.

Less Clutter 

The larger your entertainment center, the more remotes you’ll have. 

Do you have a remote for your Blue Ray? 

What about individual remotes for certain streaming platforms? 

If your devices are not all the same brand, it’s likely that each one requires a different controller. 

Even if you consider yourself a tidy, organized person, all these devices are bound to create clutter.

By switching to a Universal remote in Boynton Beach, you can reclaim your living room space and put an end to the clutter of unlimited remote controllers. 

A bonus is you no longer have to worry about losing one of your many controllers. As we’ll soon explain, that can be costly.

Saves Money

When you have one product to control all your devices, you end up saving money in the long run. If you don’t see how we’ll explain.

First, you spend less on batteries. Depending on the brand, a pack of batteries can set you back around $10. If you buy in bulk (which you should consider doing if you own multiple remotes, as it’s more cost-effective) it may cost as much as $16. 

If that were a one-time purchase, there wouldn’t be a problem. However, for the length of time you have the remote, it must be supplied with batteries. 

That can result in a small fortune.

There’s also the possibility that you may lose or break one of your remotes. 

The more you have, the higher the risk becomes. A replacement can cost anywhere between $50-$100. That’s a lot of money for a tiny controller and an unnecessary expense. 

Buy one universal remote in Boynton Beach, and save money. Even if you need to replace it, the cost of one remote beats having to pay for multiple remotes. 


We’re kind of burying the lead by not placing convenience at the very top of our list. But it’s such an obvious benefit. Perhaps the most significant advantage, in fact, of owning a universal remote is convenience. 

The time you spend in front of your TV can turn into a cherished experience once again. You don’t have to deal with the hassle of searching for the right control or swapping out one for another. 

You can now control all your electronic devices with one device, no matter the brand.

Switch from multiple streaming platforms, increase the volume, play your Blue-Ray or DVD, and power your TV with just one device. 

Find exactly what you need at Cinema Sound Unlimited, where we carry products from all the top manufacturers, including:

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