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How to Find the Right Home Security Systems in Parkland

by cinema

Parkland is a community with white-collar workers that have high standards of living and professional careers. It makes them a target for property crime because of their wealth and positions in society. Last year, there were 198 property crimes reported, including burglaries, break-ins, auto thefts, and robberies. 

The most effective deterrence is having a state-of-the-art home security system for your home and property. They make the perpetrators think twice and move onto more vulnerable targets of opportunity. 

You need to think about specific factors to get the most for your money and provide the maximum levels of protection. 

There are several areas you should consider when looking at the different home security systems in Parkland. They will give you added levels of safety and peace of mind in knowing that you, your family, and your property are safe. 

  1. Entry

Entry is one of the most critical areas for your home and it is how intruders will break into it. 83% of these crimes occur with criminals checking to see if there is any home security system first. Those properties with an effective system are less likely to have intruders force their way inside. They look for entry points that provide the quickest access for quietly entering and exiting the property, such as doors and windows. The first area to focus on is using sensors at all of these locations to alert you when someone is trying to gain access. Typically, you want to have sensors hidden and others that are visible to create different deterrents. The basic idea is to notify criminals you have a security system through things like piece sensors that line up on the windows and doors. Then, door jambs and others offer an added line of defense that works like a tripwire. It provides a one-two punch that announces a system subtly and something the intruders cannot beat or detect. 

  1. Monitoring

Next, you want to think about who is monitoring the system when a sensor goes off at the points of entry. It should alert you and the police that someone has just entered your home and call for assistance immediately. There are professional services that monitor your home when something like this happens to react quickly. They typically will contact you first to see if it was just by mistake but notify the authorities of an emergency when they can’t. There is a monthly fee you pay for these services and it helps to enhance the monitoring of your home. 

  1. Access Control

The access controls are the points where you will arm and deactivate the system near the main entryways and exits. Most provide you with a keypad and a code to turn the system on, off, and for emergencies. Others offer these features on your mobile phone and you can turn it on or off from there. These features depend on what you are most comfortable with and preferences when going in and out of your home. 

  1. Alarms

Alarms and sirens serve as a deterrent for criminals when they are breaking into your house. The basic idea is for them to go off as they get access and it scares them away with the loud noises and sounds. Many criminals will run when they hear this, as they believe the alarm system is activated and don’t want to get caught. You want the alarms and sirens to serve this role but notify the police when they do. It prevents the situation on the property from becoming worse by keeping the authorities in the loop. Again, monitoring services will call and check on you to see if there is an emergency and need help in these cases. 

We Can Help!

There are many home security systems in Parkland and locating the right one requires thinking carefully about these areas. Cinema Sound can help you with these needs by offering professional advice and assistance. Call today and see how they can make you and your family feel safer in an uncertain world.


The Ultimate Film Experience

by cinema

Movies. They inspire us to dream, to hope. They allow us to escape and live in other worlds far larger and more magical than our imaginations allow. No matter in what part of the world you may find yourself, we are sure you can share in our excitement and love of movies. Everyone can. There is great power in film, and at Cinema Sound, we want you to experience it just as it’s meant to be experienced. That has always been our purpose and we are dedicated to making it possible. To make that happen for you, we are designing and creating products that are worthy of your use. Now, you will be able to experience movies from the comfort of your couch while experiencing the overwhelming emotion you would in the theater. With home theater in South Florida, you can now live through the moments of excitement, the action that makes your heart beat faster, the loving moments that bring tears to your eyes. You will suddenly enter those rooms where the transforming conversations take place, where the life-altering moments occur, where you see yourself in someone else, despite how similar or dissimilar their stories are to yours. At Cinema Sound, we are elated to be able to give our clients the opportunity to get to live through these moments. Luckily now, with our home theater system, that wish is a possibility.  

At Cinema Sound, we believe that creating the home theater experience for our customers means more than a few speakers and a big screen. It truly takes a seasoned team of professionals who are carefully designing these products for your convenience and enjoyment. Thankfully, our personnel is full of individuals who are trained in the art of home theater design and installation, so you are certainly in good hands. You can trust our expertise and be sure that we will help you choose the proper equipment from the best manufacturers of Surround Sound Systems, TV’s, Projection Screens and Projectors, including the latest and best 4K projectors. We will do all of this, of course, taking into consideration your budget, as we believe you deserve a home theater experience that won’t break your pocket, and will not leave you in debt. Next, we will show you our numerous options for accessories. You will be leaving Cinema Sound with the right lighting, home theater seating, carpeting, and other amazing features to make your home theater experience dream-like.  

All we want this Christmas and forever, frankly, is for you, our amazing customer, to have the opportunity to live through the unforgettable experience of watching your favorite films in the comfort of your couch, surrounded by friends and family. What could be a better way to celebrate Christmas than this one? Nothing! We don’t know about you but despite how sad things our looking, things are always made better – even for an hour – by watching your favorite film undisturbed and with a great group around you to share in the excitement. For an incredible home theater experience in South Florida, call Cinema Sound today at (954)580-8786 to learn more about our products and services! See you at the movies! 

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