Residential Home Theater Services

Cinema Sound Unlimited provides a wide variety of residential sound products and systems.

Home Automation Systems

Control your home’s climate from one room or remotely from your smart phone. We provide home automation systems from simple to complex. These include features such as temperature control, turning the heat or AC on or off, lighting control, raising shades up and down, arming and disarming your security alarm system, controlling sound systems and TV, and more. Our systems will raise or lower temperature in the summer or winter when you aren’t home to save energy. Make sure you can see clearly when you get home without wasting electricity by leaving a light on. Easily adjust the volume or change the station without having to go into another room and hunt around for a remote. You can even keep the litter box from getting smelly without scooping out clumps of litter yourself. We will customize a system to meet your needs and your lifestyle.

This means to unify your electronic subsystems such as entertainment, safety, communications, and environment controls into one system with a common interface. It can lower utility bills and be a time saving convenience while increasing your home’s value.

Home automation is the ability to control household electronic systems such as lighting, audio equipment, climate control, and appliances through a common user interface.

Cinema Sound Unlimited makes every effort possible to integrate the system without changing the aesthetics of your home. This is done by using drop down TVs, plasma TVs disguised as framed art, hide speakers behind wallpaper, and more.

Yes! If you experience any problems with our products or need repairs, our technicians will come out and fix anything you need.

Resolution quality. Standard definition displays 480 lines of resolution, enhanced definition displays 720 and HDTV is above 720.

First, think about the location—will the place you want to hang it allow you to easily view the TV without straining your neck or squinting? Make sure the cords will easily reach adequate power outlets, enough for each connection. Think about whether it will be easy to connect video games, cell phones, cameras, and laptops to the TV. Finally, make sure you have the right mounts that will support the weight and you have adequate audio equipment and acoustics to go along with the video.

Invest in quality locks. Place a piece of wood or a wooden broom handle in a sliding door track to keep it from opening. Keep blinds and curtains facing the street closed and be cautious when answering the door unless you’re expecting someone. Also, keep extra keys with a neighbor or close friend rather than putting it in a mailbox or other exterior location.

Home Theater Systems

Don’t just watch a movie… have a theater experience in the comfort of your own home. Cinema Sound Unlimited is a home theater company that installs systems including sound systems, surround sound speakers, TVs, projector and screens, specialty lighting, and comfortable seating. From simple to basic, we have the solution you’re looking for. You’ll enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and music with the highest quality sound and clearest picture possible.

Audio & Video

Cinema Sound Unlimited also offers audio and video solutions for any home. This includes surround sound additions to existing entertainment systems, as well as complete set ups for your TV, gaming systems, DVD/Blue Ray player, and sound system. We have high quality speakers, wiring which is easily concealed with minimal structural changes, monitors, remote controls, flat screen TVs, and much more. We can distribute sound and video throughout multiple areas of your home.

Home Security Systems

Cinema Sound Unlimited offers home security systems that include surveillance cameras, monitors, intercom systems, alarms, motion sensors, glass break sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke detectors. Our equipment will keep your home safe from anything from toxic gas to intruders.


We can install any type or residential lighting from standard to specialty lighting. This includes home theater lighting that features dimming and colored bulbs, chandelier lighting, bathroom lighting, bedroom lighting with motions sensors, and much more.

Remote Access

Remote access is available for all of our security and home automation products so you can access your controls from your smart phone.


For those looking for more simple security products, we offer security alarms only that will alert authorities if someone sets off the alarm and does not disarm it with the code. This can save your home from break-ins as many intruders are scared off by the alarm itself.

Surround Sound Systems

Get great sound while you watch movies and play video games with surround sound speaker systems from Cinema Sound Unlimited. From simple two speaker systems to speakers in multiple rooms of your home, we can customize the surround sound to meet your needs.


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